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iWorld Outsourcing Limited (“IWOL”) is a limited liability company, engage in the business of providing Outsourcing services for all business processes in various industries within Nigeria as well as Human Capital Management consulting and Advisory services in any area that helps organizations achieve their corporate objectives which includes but is not limited to the recruitment of qualified workforce, management and outplacement of employees, training and development, performance management and to also provide fleet management solutions etc.

iWorld Outsourcing Limited is committed to the prompt provision of quality and excellent value-added services to current and future clients tailored to their specific needs through collective effort of our highly trained and resourceful personnel. The company’s unequalled tradition of simplicity, punctuality, efficiency, loyalty, passion and business integrity makes it a dependable and trustworthy partner.

    our core values

    We are focused on our core S.I.M.P.L.E values


    We provide simple and easy to understand solutions to both current and future clients.


    We are honest, professional and ethical in all our dealings with stakeholders.


    We are a highly motivated team force working together to deliver innovative and practical solutions to our stakeholders


    We are passionate about what we do and would always strive to give our stakeholders the best quality.


    We are guided by the ethics of our calling hence our complete loyalty to all stakeholders.


    We are committed to quality and excellent services to all stakeholders.

    What we do

    HR Outsourcing

    We outsource and manage, on a short to long term basis, professionals, skilled, technical and unskilled personnel at all levels. We can manage your staff and if you do not have we will give you a great choice from our robust skilled workforce database.

    Payroll Management

    We compute all types of payroll calculations with ease: salary, bonuses, prorated payments, raises, deductions, and is intimately connected to your Core HR modules

    Background Check

    We provide background checks on applicants and employees as an effective way to discover potential issues that could affect your business.

    Benefits Administration

    We are ethical in our dealings, thus ensuring adequate benefits for employees to motivate performance and keep them happy to drive customer goals achievement.

    Recruitment, Selection and Placement

    We manage the recruitment, selection and placement of staff effectively through a seamless process to fill the openings available. For the strategic positioning and performance of our clients, we take over/acquire, place and nurture staff in our work to meet the expectation of the client.

    HR Consulting & Advisory

    We provide human resources consulting and advisory services to help businesses maximise the efficiency of their HR operations and implement appropriate new policies and procedures in the best way possible.

    Training & Development

    We assess the skills of your staff, identify and recommend training needs in relevant areas to keep their skills/competencies up to date and align them with the goals of the client to drive expectations and performance.

    Performance Management

    Using key performance indicators (KPI), we manage your staff through regular reviews to help set and direct their efforts, motivate them to achieve your business goals.


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